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The Hotel is situated on Via San Giovanni in Laterano, 262. Dating from the Roman epoch, the street connects the first Christian Cathedral i.e. San Giovanni in Laterano with the Colosseum where once Christians were literally massacred thence allowing you to travel virtually between the sacred and the profane. Along the above street, you will encounter elegant Villas and Basilicas like the S.Clement Basilica (worths a visit!!) and a renowned Palazzo di Laterano with its historic museum. After reaching the Colosseum, the strolling continues through and along the Roman Forums to Piazza Venezia and the Capitol Hill. From Piazza Venezia to Via del Corso and the nearby streets where shopping lovers will be astonished by the experience multiplex choices the stores have to offer. The Hotel is 'strategically' located and is well connected to the public transportation network, so all areas of historic and touristic interest are in the ease reach.
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